The Price Is Right

When it comes to fireworks, there are two clients that I speak with on a daily basis, those who think fireworks are too expensive and those that think the price is pleasantly unexpected.  When I started with the company six years ago, I was in the latter category as I assumed that fireworks would cost tens of thousands of dollars and were only meant for the very wealthy.  The truth is, depending on your budget, fireworks are often less expensive than most other vendors at your event and they create an impact that will be remembered by your guests for years to come.  Pyrotex founder, Randy Beckham, would often joke that you can have fireworks if you just cut the crab puffs from the catering menu!
So, what is included in the price of fireworks?  Pyrotex offers the firework display as a turn-key service, which means you tell us where and when and we do the rest.  Our pricing includes fire permits and the fee for the fire marshal/fire apparatus to be onsite which can range from $300 to $1400+ depending on the city.  In addition to local permit fees, there is also a fee for the state permit.  There are the hard costs such as non-reusable product, custom-made equipment, firing platforms, design software, and labor.  Regulations make up the remaining costs such as travel/DOT, licenses, workers compensation, education and background/drug testing of our employees, and, of course, insurance.  Did you know that pyrotechnic insurance is the second highest insurance rate with the first being miners as they have the explosives underground?

Even with all of these costs, Pyrotex maintains competitive industry pricing to allow the multi-million dollar client and the DIY client to equally enjoy fireworks at their event.  The reactions we see in the cheers, tears, Ooohs and Aaahs of our clients and the audience is our reward for the tireless hours of work which went into creating a work of art across the sky.