Display permits are required from the State and from the locality where we fire. Pyrotex obtains these permits and the permit fees are included in the cost of your display. Some cities also require a stand-by fire watch, which may include a fire engine, and this fee is also included. Permits usually take two weeks to process.


Pyrotex carries a $5,000,000.00 liability insurance for our displays, per occurrence and $6,000,000.00 aggregate, written by an A+ rated company located in the U.S. We list the client, landowner, sponsor and city as additional insureds. We also carry $5,000,000.00 in auto liability for our fleet of vehicles and show trailers. All employees are covered under the Texas Worker’s Compensation Fund.


Pyrotex is licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms and the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Each Lead Pyrotechnician possesses one or more State Pyrotechnic Operator’s licenses. Drivers are DOT certified and carry a hazardous materials transportation endorsement. All employees attend annual recertification and training classes and are regularly drug tested. We do not subcontract shows to third parties.


Pyrotex shoots every display under the direct control of the local authority having jurisdiction, meaning the Fire Marshal, Sheriff, or other responsible party. Their word is law. They have the power to stop a display if it has the potential of harming people or property. Pyrotex will never break or bend any law to fire a display.


Pyrotex always enters into a contractual agreement with our Clients when we stage a pyrotechnic display. The contract spells out the parties involved; the location and date of the event; what Pyrotex will provide; what the Client will provide; and, what and when the Client will pay Pyrotex. Depending on whether the display is indoors or out, there will be a specific cancellation policy detailed (see section below). There will also be a section on firing site concerns and needs, plus the issue of safety distances and security are addressed.


A non-refundable retainer equal to 50% of the display budget is due with the signed contract. We must receive your deposit to hold the show date. The balance is due prior to the event, plus any additional costs that you have approved. Payment is requested by check or secured funds.


A display may be cancelled due to inclement weather or a local burn ban. Pyrotex offers a “rain-out date” which allows the client to select an alternate date for their display in the case of rain or high winds, however, the decision to cancel must be made 12 hours prior to show-time. Displays may not be fired when winds exceed 20 MPH sustained. If the alternate date is also unusable, Pyrotex will negotiate a new firing date and price.


Should you decide to cancel your display at any time up to 12 hours prior to show time, you will forfeit the retainer of 50%. At that point, you will be responsible for the deposit plus any additional expenses incurred by Pyrotex on your behalf – we will provide a list of those expenses. Payment will be due immediately with a written notice of the cancellation.


The fire code requires a minimum of 15 feet between the audience and any pyrotechnic effect; cast members and crew are allowed to be closer. All staging materials, including drapes, must be flame-retardant. There must be adequate ceiling height and ventilation in and around the effects. It is not uncommon for effects designed for indoor use to be used outdoors.