Our Story

As magical-seeming as fireworks are to the audience member – and our designers strive for magic – the technology behind them is extremely advanced. The demands of the industry require precision in both timing and heights. All our product is covered by Products Liability insurance. All of our fireworks are controlled and fired electronically. Computerized firing systems allow 1/100th of a second accuracy and control of multiple firing sites using both wired and wireless technology. Even when the computer has taken charge of the display, real-time overrides are available to stop the display or just that portion where a problem is perceived.

Pyrotex takes pride in the way we differ from the industry in terms of our employment practices. Our Lead Pyrotechnicians have over 10 years of experience each with indoor and outdoor displays. With over 100 shows a year, all of our 60 employees have the opportunity to constantly renew and refresh their skills in a series of challenging work sites and display considerations, from barges to roof-tops to the back nine. All our employees come dressed in proper personal protective gear, including safety glasses, hearing protection, and 100% cotton clothing. They are dressed for success and safety, but can blend in to the darkness of night as needed.

Since 1979, we have traveled the globe for corporate clients, shooting shows across the United States, in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Dubai, Tokyo and the Caribbean. Pyrotex added pyrotechnic magic to the silver screen in the movies “Pure Country” and “Leap of Faith”. At the request of the producers, Pyrotex
donated a firework display for the final episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition filmed outside of San Antonio in 2012.

Pyrotex, Inc. was founded in 1979 by the late Randy Beckham. Now employee-owned, Derek Willingham serves as General Manager, Paige Mejia as Sales Director and Patrick Mahaffey as Production Manager. Our headquarters are located in Fannin County, Texas, an hour Northeast of Dallas. Our 60+ employees receive extensive annual training, are regularly drug tested, licensed by the State of Texas and verified by the ATF.

All drivers are Commercial Drivers with Hazardous Materials endorsements. We comply with NFPA-1123, NFPA-1126, the International Fire Code and Department of Transportation.