Our Story

Pyrotex was founded in 1979 by the late Randy Beckham in Dallas, Texas as a Pyropak® dealer and sold indoor equipment and materials on a retail level. In those early days, most clients were concert tours. Soon, the need for one-off indoor displays led to our full-time indoor pyrotechnics display business, shooting for corporate clients across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Dubai, Tokyo and the Caribbean. Pyrotex added their pyrotechnic magic to the silver screen in “Pure Country” and “Leap of Faith” and created a display for the final Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Today, Pyrotex’s Dallas fireworks company is run by a management team of Derek Willingham – General Manager, Paige Mejia – Sales & Marketing Manager and Patrick Mahaffey – Production Manager. Our 60+ employees receive extensive annual training, are regularly drug tested, and are licensed by the State of Texas and the ATF. Based in the Dallas area, we travel throughout the State and beyond.

Our pyrotechnics have entertained large crowds for city events, as well as private displays created for just two people on Valentine’s Day. Our longevity with our clients speaks volumes of the trust they have in our product and service. We have been lighting the Christmas tree at the Dallas Galleria for over 20 years, The Plano Balloon Festival for over 15 years and produce over 30 July 4th shows across Texas including the most prominent country clubs in Dallas.

Our company’s goal is not to shoot as many shows as we can sell, but only those we can do best, with the highest level of safety and security–making Pyrotex a premier Dallas fireworks company. We select our customers just as much as they select us. Pyrotex will not bend or break any regulations to shoot a show, nor will we allow our customers to do so.
Every show is a work of art.