Pyro as Art • Pyro with Attitude

The creation of a firework display, for an indoor or outdoor celebration, requires the collective skills of the artist and the technician. Pyrotex approaches every project with an attitude that combines art and technology into a safe display of pyrotechnic magic.


    • Weddings
    • Birthday Parties
    • Anniversaries
    • Graduations

Our professional pyrotechnicians produce spectacular displays using the highest quality materials and the latest computer firing technology. With a reputation for unique artistry, remarkable musical selections, and continued client satisfaction. Pyrotex will create a custom firework display that will make your event memorable.

Dallas pyrotechnics


    • 4th July
    • New Years
    • Christmas
    • Sporting Events
    • Concerts

We are the leading Dallas / Fort Worth Fireworks company. If you have been to a public fireworks event it is most likely you have enjoyed our work. Computerized technology allows us to paint the sky with color-coordinated fireworks of any size which are choreographed to the 1/100th of a second. Our employees are all trained annually, background and drug tested, and covered under our Worker’s Compensation. With our professional service, you can focus on your other event activities and leave the show to us. We will take care of all the planning required to deliver not only a safe but spectacular show.


    • Keynote Speakers
    • Product Launches
    • Music Events
    • Fundraising Events

Having begun his career as a concert pyrotechnician, our founder, Randy Beckham, served on the legislation committee to bring indoor pyrotechnics to Texas and earned the first SEO license in the state. With our extensive experience with close-proximity pyrotechnics, we can create the perfect display to excite your employees or wow your clients.